Year 5 at Junior Sport

Over term three the Year Fives have been (and will continue to be) attending junior sport on a rolling roster. A big part of the Junior Sports Day is a tabloid session which is run by our Year Fives. They have been doing an amazing job teaching the activities and encouraging the little ones to get involved. It has been a terrific experience and provided an insight for students of what it might be like to take on a leadership position in Year Six. It also provides the teachers with additional real-life feedback to help in the selection of Junior Buddies.

Our Junior Buddy program began at the beginning of term three. Each week we select a small group (6 – 8) to join our roster of Junior Buddies who are given lunchtime roles to perform around the school. To be chosen as a Junior Buddy a student needs to consistently display the virtues of RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY and INITIATIVE to a high level. Students have been aware of the requirements since term one with regular meetings over the year to explain the Junior Buddy processes and how they impact on selection as a Student Councillor or House Captain.

Elections for Student Council and House Captain are held in term 4. A prerequisite for nominating for the elections is to have achieved junior Buddy status. Students who are unsuccessful in the elections automatically became our Green Badge Leaders in year six. Green Badge Leaders perform a number of important leadership roles around the school (e.g. running the sports shed at breaks). Students who do not achieve Buddy Badge status in Year Five are still able to become a Green Badge Leader in Year Six. Our Year Six staff add to the roster of Green Badge Leaders regularly throughout the year when students have demonstrated the prerequisite virtues (consistently showing RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY and INITIATIVE to a high level).

Michael Brooks
Deputy Principal