Virtues at Parkfield

The Virtues Project was first implemented into classrooms at Parkfield in 2002. It was incorporated into the Behaviour Management Policy and became the foundation for our Values Education. Throughout the years, as the Virtues Project grew and became more prominent from Kindergarten to Year 6, so too did our teachers, parents and Parkfield students grow with the virtues.

Our school has given students the opportunity to develop their emotional literacy by enabling them to express their feelings confidently and appropriately. It has also helped improve conflict resolution skills and created a common language for positive communication between all concerned. Together with a resourced Virtues Coordinator, our chaplaincy program, Kids Hope mentors and community support, Parkfield Primary School proudly offers a holistic approach to Values.

Education through the Virtues Project:
Some examples of the virtues implementation include:

  • Assembly merit awards statements based on the virtues.
  • Students writing mini-merit awards for other students, using the virtues language.
  • Art lessons focusing on symbolic elements, such as butterflies.
  • Society and Environment values/citizenship lessons, relating group and society rules to the virtues.
  • Self reflections and evaluations in music, dance and drama, assembly items and ‘Bluearth’ activities prominently feature virtues understandings.
  • Around the school and inside classrooms the virtues are displayed in a variety of ways from the computer monitor at the front office to posters and work proudly exhibited on the walls.