Parkfield Badges are presented at an assembly three times per year.

Badges are presented to students who consistently meet the expectations of the Virtues Project. The selection of award winners is at the judgement of the classroom teacher who will consult with teachers of the same year level to assure moderation and consistency. Class teachers will also consult with the specialist teachers to confirm a child’s performance is consistent across all aspects of schooling.

‘The bar’ for Parkfield Award Badges is deliberately high. They reflect high expectations, should be aspirational and provide an example for others to follow. We provide other forms of acknowledgement (Gold Slips, Merit Awards, Deputy Principal Awards) for more immediate recognition.

year level awards
Parkfield Diamond Badges may be presented at the end of year six to students who:

  • Lead by example (not necessarily in an official leadership position).
  • Consistently offer service (showing the initiative to step in before they are asked).
  • Consistently display the Parkfield virtues in ail situations across their time at Parkfield.
  • Actively support their peers.

Class teachers nominate students to the administration team who make the final choices.