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Complaints Process

Effective communication is the key to building a positive relationship between home and school, and plays an important part in the education of your child. You should feel confident that we will listen and respond to your concerns, and effectively manage and resolve complaints.

Issues may arise during your child’s schooling and these are more productively resolved if you raise them with the school directly, as early as possible. If you have an enquiry or concern regarding- academic progress, general behaviour, homework, assessment, attendance, social or emotional wellbeing please see your child’s teacher first. In your discussion with the teacher give all relevant information, discuss all possible outcomes for addressing your enquiry/concern, settle on an option that can be achieved with input from you, the teacher and your child.

Discuss your enquiry or concern with the Principal if: you were not able to achieve a satisfactory arrangement regarding your enquiry/concern with the class teacher, your enquiry/concern is about the conduct of a teacher or another member of the school staff or your enquiry/concern is about another aspect of school life that is impacting on your child’s education. The Principal will need time to discuss your enquiry/concern with all relevant parties but you can contact the school for progress updates. Your enquiry/concern will be managed according to established school policy and procedures. Anonymous enquiries/concerns are only acted on if enough information is provided for the Principal to follow-up.

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