Parkfield Canteen

Click here to see the SUMMER MENU 2022– 2023 – (PDF) for Terms 1 and 4.

The Galley operates Monday to Friday, 8.15am to 2.00pm.
We operate with a manager and Volunteer Staff.

We need you, please help!

If you are able to assist in the Galley at any day or time

Volunteer’s Needed

Please place orders by 9am

Important Information

Children may order their lunch by:
writing their
(large enough to hold their lunch*) and enclosing their money inside.
Lunch bags available for purchase.

Please DO NOT write year level as this may cause confusion.

Years 1 to 4

Years 1 to 4 MUST place their orders into the lunch bucket provided in their classroom.

Years 5 to 6

Years 5 to 6 must show RESPONSIBILITY and place their orders at the canteen
BEFORE 8.45am.

All Students

Please DO NOT staple or use sticky tape on lunch bags—makes them difficult to open.
Correct change is appreciated.

Incorrect Money or Missing Items

If not enough money is provided for the order, a note will be sent home requesting you pay the amount owing. A record will be kept in the canteen and will be deleted once the payment has been made.

Please let your children know that if they have a problem with their lunch order (missing items, etc…) to notify the canteen staff as soon as possible.

We do not operate on credit.

Lunch Bags

* Lunch order bags can be bought from the canteen

~1 bag = 5c
~10 bags = 50c
~20 bags = $1.00

Remember The Parkfield Galley runs on volunteer staff so if you can even give 1 shift a term / a year this would be of great help.