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Parkfield Primary School at Binningup Beach for their PLUS Excursion

Binningup Beach for their PLUS Excursion

Our Year 6 students and teachers travelled to Binningup Beach for their PLUS excursion (Parkfield Learning and Understanding Sustainability).The day involved the students assisting with revegetating the dunes and participating in a beach clean up of the area.

Our amazing students displayed their virtues of Service, Responsibility and Diligence to plant 5106 seedlings in the dunes and collect 631 items of rubbish from the beach.

To top off a fantastic day, whilst collecting rubbish, our students discovered a baby Loggerhead turtle which they rescued and named Squirdle. The students wrapped the tiny turtle in a towel and looked after him until a representative from the Dolphin Discovery Centre arrived to help.

Squirdle was just a few weeks old, weighing 53 grams, and had a missing flipper.  He had likely hatched near Ningaloo Reef and was carried south by the current before being washed ashore.  Squirdle would have probably died from exposure or predation, if it wasn’t for our diligent students.

Thank you to the Shire of Harvey for funding our bus travel to Binningup Beach last week. We are looking forward  to our return visit later in the year to measure the growth of the seedlings planted.

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about Parkfield Primary School

Parkfield Primary School is an Independent Public School which has been proudly educating young children for 25+ years and has gained a strong reputation and culture as a leading primary public educational institution.

Beyond the academic excellence which Parkfield Primary School pursues, it proudly offers all its students a safe, inspiring and creative learning environment which provides unique opportunities for academic enrichment and extension.  Each and every child is encouraged to realise their full potential as we aspire to develop engaged, creative, independent, lifelong learners who will be active and responsible members of the school community.

We consider our experienced teaching staff to be one of the strongest in the South West delivering engaging and innovative learning programs so that every child feels happy, challenged and valued.  Our strong and effective student services program encourages and supports student leadership, positive student behaviour and is supported by our pastoral care program.

Specialist Programs and Special Projects

Our specialist teachers are well respected, experienced and passionate in their chosen field and this is evident by their history of success.

During their Visual Arts lessons, students learn about the Elements of Art through exploration in drawing, painting, collage, printmaking and ceramic work activities.  

Students participate in both formal Music lessons as well as a variety of specialist programs, bands and choirs.

You can donate eligible containers directly to Containers for Change depots and/or vending machines by quoting our scheme identification number C10313397.

The Japanese program is taught from Year 3 to Year 6 with the Junior students participating in the Early Learning Languages Australia program. Students participate in a variety of language and cultural based activities.

Science at Parkfield, for Years 1-6, is taught by a full-time Science Specialist Teacher in a Science Lab. “Primary Connections” units provide the main focus of programs of work for each year level, with lessons that develop key WA Curriculum content and Science Inquiry Skills through many hands-on explorations and investigations.

The Physical Education Program (PE) at Parkfield Primary School aims to promote the benefits of regular physical activity, while providing students with the opportunity to further develop their physical and interpersonal skills. 

School Overview

Our active school community consists of our Parents and Citizens Association and School Board which is made up of parents, staff, industry and university representatives who are our partners in forging the school ethos and direction.

Our school buildings are of contemporary design with learning areas supporting three to four classrooms each with their own designated Information Technology area.  Specialist facilities are provided for the extensive Physical Education, Music, Science, Japanese and Visual Arts programs.

Parkfield Primary School is situated in a vibrant, modern community which enjoys a wonderful, relaxed lifestyle. It is surrounded by water with the Brunswick and Collie Rivers to the east and south and the Leschenault Estuary to the west.  The proximity to the estuary, rivers and beaches enables staff and students to utilise these waterways for field excursions which supports our commitment to our Parkfield Learning and Understanding Sustainability (PLUS) whole school program.

Our Vision

Parkfield Primary School’s vision is to provide a safe, inspiring and creative learning environment.  We will create opportunities for students to engage in outstanding learning programs, strive for excellence and become active citizens who make healthy and responsible decisions.

Our Mission

Parkfield Primary School’s Strategic Plan 2020-2023 was formally endorsed by the School Board in February 2020.